1. We recommend a full restoration for clocks with an unknown service history.
  2. Clock restoration work comes with a 2 year warranty.
  3. Watch restoration work comes with a 1 year warranty (Quartz) or 6 month warranty (mechanical).
  4. Most work will be finished in a chronological, “first in, first out” approach.
  5. Finished work will be sold after 90 days. The 90 days starts on the date of the first notification. This is to recover service costs.
  6. Estimated due dates are just that: an estimation. Quality workmanship takes time. Sometimes parts are back-ordered or difficult to find. Specialized, out of the ordinary services can also take extra time.
  7. Piece work is defined as a service involving partial restoration and has no warranty.
  8. Warranty is voided if the clock or watch has been tampered with by someone other than Carpenter Clock & Watch Repair staff. Boorish, unruly behavior by a customer will also void a warranty.
  9. Carpenter Clock and Watch Repair conducts itself by the “Code of Ethics” set forth by the American Watch and Clockmakers Institute.
  10. Items returned that are still under warranty go to the top of the chronological service list to be worked on next.
  11. Items sold (including gift certificates) go to the top of the chronological service list, if needed.
  12. No refunds on services, sales, or deposits. All sales are final.
  13. We reserve the right to refuse and rescind any services, contracts, offers, deals, or agreements.
  14. Carpenter Clock and Watch Repair gets the first offer on any items brought to the shop for purchase.
  15. Any complaints should be written down and taken to the owner only, not the staff.
  16. By signing the receipt or claim ticket, the customer agrees that they understand the foregoing policies.